About Myrtle Beach

Whether you are new to golf or are a golf master, playing golf in Myrtle Beach is something you’ll enjoy and fall in love with. The charm of this beautiful city has brought many golfers for second, third and fourth times, just to catch another foretaste of the beautiful golf courses. So what makes Myrtle Beach so popular among many golfers? The city has plenty of stunning golf courses that run through its winding and long roads.
Over the many years, the total number of courses have come almost close to meeting hundreds and hundreds of golfers. This way, golfers have the golden opportunity of trying out a new course every time they visit. Simply put, as a golfer, you’ll never get bored of golf when visiting Myrtle Beach. On your free time, there is plenty to see and do in and around the city.
One of the most admired courses in the city is the World Tour Golf Links Course. It was built to replicate different aspects of the highly popular courses around the world. As you enjoy the 27 hole experience, you’ll have good memories floating of the golf courses you have played in the city before. You will also remember some courses that you have once seen on television. The World Tour Golf Links Course provides golfers access to world-class restaurants between games to relax or chat with friends before heading to the neatly done lawn.

History of the World Tour Golf Links Course

Do you wish to experience some Myrtle Beach’s history as well as the history of the World Tour Golf Links Course? Well, if yes, you better head in the direction of Wedgefield Plantation course. Countless trees that are scattered among the vast stretch characterize the course. The Wedgefield Plantation course also hosts the great Black River.
The history of the course dates way back to when it was a rice plantation. When visiting, you will surely feel as though you went back in time as a historic building awaits to greet you. Enjoy a snack or two in the building before taking off on the long journey.

The World Tour Golf Links Course is the brainchild of Mel Graham. He was a developer and designer that spent 8 years selecting and replicating holes from the best and most exclusive courses. It was officially opened in 1999. Between 2002-2009, the course won a number of accolades for both the golf shop and the courses too.
Early 2013 saw the completion of a major renovation that included changing the Open Nine to MiniVerde, improving drainage, removing trees, renovating the bunkers, repairing cart paths etc.

Why Every Experienced and Newbie Golfer Must Visit World Tour Golf Links Course

The World Tour Golf Links Course in Myrtle Beach provides every golfer the opportunity to play replicas of the best courses and holes throughout the world without the need to travel. The dazzling layout features 18 holes inspired by gold meccas such as St. Andrews, Pine Valley, and Augusta National. For sure, this course brings with it the greatest holes in the entire golf history. This is the best place to create, live, and enjoy a memorable golf experience.
Every turn takes you to a special place — the ‘Amen Corner’ where masters have been lost and won on Saturdays. Visit the finishing hole, which Jack Nicklaus termed as the hardest hole he has ever played. Cross the stone bridge where Arnold Palmer said goodbye to the golf world on No. 18 during the 1995 British Open.
The World Tour Golf Links Course resembles a museum of great moments in history that gives golfers the opportunity to follow right in the footsteps of the pros. Here, you’ll be able to take a trip across the golfing world and play 18 of the most famous layouts in the world, without leaving Myrtle Beach.
Practice facilities are always in great shape. Fairway and greens are excellently maintained at all times. Whether you are alone or with friends, you’ll surely love the experience. Enjoy great driving range. The staff here will make you want to come again and again.
Undeniably, mere words cannot truly capture the innovation and beauty of the World Tour Golf Links Course, Myrtle Beach. The best thing to do in order to experience the magical nature of this great golf course would be to visit. You will surely not regret it.