How Technology Has Changed How You Watch The Ryder Cup In 2017

Technology has changed the average person’s life a lot over the past 10 – 15 years, with the internet becoming mainstream and smartphones becoming commonplace, we use letters and even phone calls a lot less, instead favouring emails and instant messages to contact our family, friends and even work colleagues.

Gone are the days of meticulously planning our journey before we set off, ensuring we’ve packed a decent road map and some change for the phonebox, nowadays we simply type our destination into a satellite navigation system, whether it be standalone or on our smartphone and off we go.

TV sets have come a long way too, from the early days of manual tuning for each available channel to now, where screens are paper thin, curved, 3d, and smart – don’t forget smart, even those which aren’t smart TVs by design can be converted by using an android tv box which is fairly inexpensive and adds all of the smart TV features to any TV set.

Cars are evolving too, with hybrid fuel systems and electric cars becoming more common – some of them even park themselves, and even further than that, driverless cars are being trialed too! That’s right, down the line it looks like we’ll be able to have our car take us to work, or to the local bar for a few drinks, without having to drive at all!

All of these things greatly change the average persons lifestyle, electric cars mean we do short journeys, or stop off more frequently, all of which we plan by typing an address into our satnav without a care, we arrive at our destination and let the car park itself whilst we send our friends an instant message to let us know we’ve arrived – that is a huge difference compared to days gone by when we’d arrange everything well in advance, and poor planning could leave you stuck.

As the world evolves, so does technology, and as a result so do our lives – perhaps we had it good with less technology, spending more time socialising in person rather on a website, meeting new people at work rather than on Facebook, and spending time outside with our friends, instead of immersed in a virtual reality gaming world with people we’ve never met.

How far will lifestyle evolve? Who knows – let’s home it’s for the better, and not the worse.



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